Curatorial Projects > Motion Graphics: In and Beyond the Street (2012)

Ana Teresa Fernandez
Borrando la Frontera: Erasing the Border, 2011
Video (total running time 3:39)

Fernandez, well-known for her majestic, hyper-realistic oil paintings that confront gender and labor issues, presents two video pieces documenting recent performances in public. Borrando la Frontera: Erasing the Border is documentation of a one-day performance by Fernandez at the border wall separating Playas de Tijuana, Mexico from Border Field State Park in San Diego that runs along the beach straight into the Pacific Ocean. Using an extremely tall ladder, a generator, and spray gun, and dressed in her performance outfit consisting of a black cocktail dress and black pumps, she painted the metal bars of the border wall a pale blue, mirroring the color of the sky. From a distance, it looks as if an entire section of the wall had been removed.

Motion Graphics: In and Beyond the Street

June 13 – August 25, 2012
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA