Curatorial Projects > EcoArchive: Mediations on Time and Nature (2010-11)

Cynthia Hooper
Exportadora de Sal (video still), 2007
Color video, total running time 7:38

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Exportadora de Sal examines the oddly mysterious and curiously appealing terrain of an enormous evaporative-based salt mine in Mexico. Seawater is circulated and gradually evaporated within an elaborate maze of vast ponds, while a gracefully orchestrated army of pumps, trucks, bulldozers and conveyor belts dutifully process the final product. The vibrantly tinted saline solutions, hillocks of flying foam, and perfunctorily performing pumps and machinery all labor to create a strangely magical landscape.

EcoArchive: Meditations on Time and Nature

November 3, 2010 – January 22, 2011
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA