Curatorial Projects > Califas (2013)

Andrea Blum
SFMOMA Sculpture Garden, 2013
Digital C-print
In collaboration with UAV pilot/photographer Kenny Blum

My American Pantry (MAP) is a photographic atlas celebrating and interpreting the micro-food and drink craft culture emerging in the United States. The photo project is traveling state by state documenting craftspeople, farmers, and their stories as well as the culinary ethos that defines particular geographical areas—sometimes drawing on traditions, family ties, or the affordances of climate and terroir (the taste of place) and other times emerging from new social trends and innovation. There is a zeitgeist of creativity around American food and MAP is out to document and share it. The craftspeople and farmers in these photographs are part of entrepreneurial phenomena that is blossoming in California and characterizes the intricate layers that define geographic expressions of American food.

The MAP project started in January 2013 in Northern California when we took the first aerial images of a group of artisans using a remote control camera mounted on an unmanned aerial vehicle. These photos capture compositions of Californians’ from different backgrounds and ethnicities that create an astounding array of artisan food and drink. The project is now going national, traveling around the country with the intention of collecting images and stories from every state and creating a complete map and tapestry of American food and drink culture. MAP is not just about collecting images but also about collecting stories from small corners of the country and creating social connections to help these small businesses thrive in the marketplace. The map created will become interactive for viewers to discover and taste the food and drink being crafted around the country and help define an emerging American pantry specific to its geography.” – Andrea Blum


October 2 – December 21, 2013
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA