Curatorial Projects > Terror? (2006)

Terror? An International Interdisciplinary Project

September 11 - November 11, 2006
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA

Terror? is an ambitious international project featuring artwork by over 200 artists from 20 countries and 15 states that seeks to create a cacophony of personal and collective response to some of the most immediate questions and issues of our times. What is terror? Who perpetrates it? How does fear control us, and the world around us? Who are we taught to be afraid of, why? What does fear cost? Where does personal fear intersect with larger societal and political messages of terror? By utilizing the internet and relationships with international colleagues and arts organizations as a starting place for creating wide and broad networks, this project is essentially about searching for new and true definitions for a word that has become all too pervasive and manipulated in recent years. Where are we now – five years from 9/11? How much do we really know about what people around the world are experiencing? How do we actively and hopefully break through media distortions, manufactured information, and a seemingly constant war agenda?

In response to Intersection’s first open call for visual art submissions in over a decade, hundreds of individuals from around the world responded with 2-D artworks - painting, illustration, graphic design, photography, textile, collage, and relief sculpture. In addition to receiving artworks from twenty countries, we also received artworks from many far-reaching regions domestically in the U.S., as well as from our local community in the Bay Area. It is our hope and intention to engage with and share voices and perspectives from a diversity of cultures, political situations, and artistic practices, and to counter the continuing trend towards defining and understanding notions of terror and fear as a monolithic paradigm framed by the ongoing "war on terror." Although there are several pieces that comment upon the U.S. government's international policies, many artists have contributed work that helps re-position our collective understanding of the basic human emotion of fear: artwork that deals with the fear of living in isolation due to depression, to fear of medical surgery, to fear of homophobia, to fear of microbiological infections, to fear of growing disparities between the rich and poor. All of these responses are woven into a larger body of work in the gallery, creating a highly variegated, diverse, and deeply personal tapestry of modern life.

Participating Artists

Melba Abela (San Francisco, CA); Ana Adarve (Bogota, Colombia); Adeel Ahmad (San Francisco, CA); Brett Amory (San Francisco, CA); Marisa Aragona (San Francisco, CA); Iñaki García Arambarri (Ondarroa, Spain); Kristoffer Ardeña (Madrid, Spain); Christopher Arnold (St. Louis, MO); Michelle Arrieta (San Francisco, CA); John Ashburne (Kyoto, Japan); Glenn Caley Bachmann (San Francisco, CA); Joseph Junior Badio (Jacmel, Haiti); Eduardo Gómez Ballesteros (Madrid, Spain); Yee Jan Bao (Alameda, CA); David Benzler (San Francisco, CA); Charles Beronio (Oakland, CA); Mikho Bertlani (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia); Emily Bezaire (Smyrna, TN); Doris Bittar (San Diego, CA); Daniel Blomquist (San Francisco, CA); Aaron Bowles (Denver, CO); Alex Braubach (San Francisco, CA); Jennifer Braverman (Dresher, PA); Ellie Brown (Philadelphia, PA); Timothy Byars (Concord, CA); Sandra Jean Ceas (Littleton, CO); Vazha Chachkhiani (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia); Peikwen Cheng (San Francisco, CA); Nikoloz Chkhaidze (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia); Antonis Christodoulou (Athens, Greece); Marcus Civin (Marina del Rey, CA); C.G. Clarke (Manchester, United Kingdom); MB Condon (Goldendale, WA); J. Crabb (Olympia, WA); Lisa Rybovich Cralle (San Francisco, CA); John Darwell (Carlisle, United Kingdom); Gabriel Delgado (San Francisco, CA); Theresa DeMyers (Bromma, Sweden); Lauren DiCioccio (Woodside, CA); Sara Dierck (Brooklyn, NY); Vladimir Dikarev (St. Paul, MN); Francesco D'Isa (Florence, Italy); Alan Disparte (San Francisco, CA); Destin Domond (Jacmel, Haiti); Andre Eamiello (San Francisco, CA); Adrienne Eberhardt (San Francisco, CA); Christian Ebert (San Francisco, CA); Minna Eloranta (Tampere, Finland); Allan Espiritu (Philadelphia, PA); Jordan Essoe (Pittsburg, CA); S. Blake Farrington (San Francisco, CA); Haakon Faste (San Francisco, CA); Ashlee Nicolle Ferlito (San Francisco, CA); Dieuny Fils-Aimé (Jacmel, Haiti); Linda M. Ford & Pam Martin (San Francisco, CA); Matt Fulmer (San Antonio, TX); Anne Garden (Greenbrae, CA); Ani Garrick (Cambria, CA); Ben Gavin & Oliva Dimtrije Mitevski (London, United Kingdom, Sydney, Australia & Berlin, Germany); Kate Geddes (Mill Valley, CA); Iranshid Ghadimi (Oakland, CA); Michael Godwin (Santa Barbara, CA); Colin Goldberg (Bowling Green, OH); Xico González (Sacramento, CA); Jules Greenberg (Tiburon, CA); Carlo Grünfeld (San Francisco, CA); The Haram - Arie Dyanto, Uji Handoko, Eko Nugroho, Riono Tanggul Nusantara, Wedhar Riyadi, Eko Didik Sukowati, Gde Krisna Widiatama (Yogyakarta, Indonesia); Mondo Jud Hart (San Francisco, CA); Dana Hemenway (San Francisco, CA); Albert Herter (San Francisco, CA); Susan Sims Hillbrand (San Francisco, CA); Klara Hobza (Brooklyn, NY); Warren Holt (Brooklyn, NY); Peter Honig (Berkeley, CA); Andy Diaz Hope (San Francisco, CA); horea (Oakland, CA); Julia Robertson Hyde (Monterey, CA); Januri (Yogyakarta, Indonesia); Jessica Jenkins (Livermore, CA); Andrew Johnson (Pittsburgh, PA); Joann Jovinelly (New York, NY); Sandra Kelch & Designpool with participating collaborators Maria José Baños, Patrick Kelleher, Mary Lee McLaughlin, Peter Jacques, Angela Pesta, Sia Banihashemi, Kenji Oshima, Turtle and Hare, Julian Feinberg, Gary Chen (SF & Oakland, CA); Michael Kerbow (San Francisco, CA); Davida Kidd (Vancouver, Canada); Hyeonjin Kim (Brightwaters, NY); Shama Ko (Austin, TX); Jeffrey Kohler (San Francisco, CA); Antonios Kosmadakis (Heraklion, Crete); Andrew Kozlowski (Richmond, VA); La Línea Interdisciplinario (Tijuana, Mexico); Jander F. Lacerda (New York, NY); Richard Lang (Forest Knolls, CA); Samantha Lautman (Berkeley, CA); Tiery Le…(Osaka, Japan); Kelly Gabriel Lee (San Francisco, CA); Laren Leland (San Francisco, CA); Jennifer Lemper (Oakland, CA); Andrew Lipson (Burlingame, CA); Anthony Lister (Mitchelton, Australia); Michael Bernard Loggins (San Francisco, CA); Mildred Joyner Long (Hillsborough, NC); Frederick Loomis (San Francisco, CA); Carolina Loyola-Garcia (Pittsburgh, PA); Kija Lucas (San Francisco, CA); Whitney Lynn (San Francisco, CA); Andrew Macfarlane (Vancouver, Canada); Ilham Badreddine Mahfouz (West Bloomfield, MI); Stela Mandel (Greenbrae, CA); Ginny Mangrum (Walnut Creek, CA); Giorgi Marr (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia); Oz McGuire (San Francisco, CA); Sierra Melcher (San Francisco, CA); Aurora Meneghello (San Francisco, CA); Brian Merkel (Chelsea, MI); Michael Mersereau (San Francisco, CA); Gwendolyn Meyer (Point Reyes, CA); Eriko Mikami (Tokyo, Japan); Emilio Morandi (Bergamo, Italy); Alejandro "Alanis" Moreno (Campbell, CA); Nining Muir (San Francisco, CA); Kim Munson (Pacifica, CA); Susan "Montana" Murdoch (San Francisco, CA); Tim Murley (Brookline, MA); Ryan Sarah Murphy (New York, NY); Emmanuelle Namont & Aurora Meneghello (San Francisco, CA); Gabriel Navar (Orcutt, CA); Louie Navarro (Rosarito, Mexico); Jeffrey Obser (Oakland, CA); Kari Orvik (San Francisco, CA); Russ Osterweil (Oakland, CA); Clemente Padin (Montevideo, Uruguay); Mark Pearsall (San Francisco, CA); Jeff Petersen (San Francisco, CA); Johanna Poethig (Oakland, CA); Nancy Popp & Serena Wellen (SF & Los Angeles, CA); Ben Pranger (Roanoke, VA); Yuri Psinakis (San Francisco, CA); Lucy Puls (Berkeley, CA); Agus Purnomo (Yogyakarta, Indonesia); Ana Riaboshenko, Marta Tabukashvili & Lado Darakhvelidze (group TRAM) (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia); Manuel Fernando Rios (Sacramento, CA); Guadalupe Rodriguez (Canyon Country, CA); John Gilberto Rodriguez (San Jose, CA); Sandy Rodriguez (Los Angeles, CA); Sylvaince Romaine (Jacmel, Haiti); Blake Sanders (New Orleans, LA); Slamet Santoso (Soneo) (Yogyakarta, Indonesia); Fabio Sassi (Bologna, Italy); Matthew Savage (Tiburon, CA); Zachary Royer Scholz (San Francisco, CA); Jessica Alicia Schramm (Newbury Park, CA); Katie Sehr (Buffalo, NY); Dadi Setiyadi (Yogyakarta, Indonesia); Ellen Shershow (San Francisco, CA); Gene Shih (San Francisco, CA); Sharon Siskin (Berkeley, CA); Elin o'Hara Slavick (Chapel Hill, NC); Andrew Stalder (Haslet, TX); Kate Stewart (Philadelphia, PA); Suryadi (Yogyakarta, Indonesia); Charlene Tan (San Bruno, CA); Sandra Ortiz Taylor (San Francisco, CA); Karen C. Thomas (Austin, TX); Ehren Tool (Berkeley, CA); Fausto Vargas (Tijuana, Mexico); Jerad Walker (Oakland, CA); John Webster (Glasgow, Scotland); Joseph Blaine Whisenhunt (Springfield, MO); Brian White (Seattle, WA); Ann D. Williams (Mill Valley, CA); Zac Willis (Rogersville, MO); Gordon Winiemko (Long Beach, CA); Danny Wolohan (San Francisco, CA); Bijan Yashar (Berkeley, CA); Nili Yosha (San Francisco, CA); Kelly Yount (San Francisco, CA); Alexander Tin-Han Yu (San Francisco, CA); Iliko Zautashvili (Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia); Efrat Zehavi (Rotterdam, Netherlands);Tricia Zigmund (Edinboro, PA); Rosa Méndez Zurutuza (Madrid, Spain)