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Jessica Tully
Our Allies Are Everywhere (video still), 2006

"Our Allies Are Everywhere is a choreography of the Santa Cruz High Cardinal Regiment who perform a rock-opera of drill formations examining the most enduring radical icons: the clenched fist, the union handshake, the resistance omega, the dove, and the peace sign. All set to a funky, funky beat. Adorned in traditional Scottish dress, the Cardinal uniform and color scheme is at once patriarchal and subversive. Once outlawed by the 1745 Act of Proscription, this contemporary remake of the red and black Royal Stuart Tartan (Plaid) is the most common Pendleton in Scotland today. The shorted kilt acts as a signifier of the Jacobite Rebellion of the mid 1700s. The power of the young performers' movement, sound, and attire attest to why we need not fear for our future, but rather rejoice in another new form of cultural resistance." - Jessica Tully

Our Allies Are Everywhere by Jessica Tully with The Santa Cruz High Cardinal Regiment

Drum Major - Cuatemoc Peranda
Band Direction - Christina Latham
Assistant Band Director & Art Director - Ron Salinas
Color Guard Instructor - Matt Anders
Drum Instructor - Cassius Ellis
Bagpipe Instructor - Jay Salter
Produced by Jessica Tully with Kevin Johnston and Wesley Jones
Scissor Lift Operator - Kevin Johnston
Unit A Camera - Jessica Tully
Unit B Camera - Moriah Kinberg
Research - Kevin Johnston, Wesley Jones, Peter Johnston, and Andrea Burrows
Editors - Jessica Tully with Moriah Kinberd (Act Now Productions)

Special Thanks - Heidi Perlmutter, Kevin Johnston, Mike Johnston, Dave "The Wave" Johnston, Music For America, Malcolm Terrance, Kevin B. Chen, Rebeka Rodriguez, Deborah Cullinan, Act Now Productions, Vikki Del Rosario, Areca H’lael Sampson, Moriah Kinberg, Wesley Jones, Cristina Latham, Ron Salinas, Santa Cruz High School, The Cardinal Regiment Boosters, The Tool Shed (Santa Cruz, CA), Adam Werbach, David Steuer, Louis Fox, Elizabeth Connor, Molly Neitzel, New College, Favianna Rodriguez, Choppy Oshiro, Yeager Moravia Rosenberg, Marcello Viana, Mark Pearsall, Michael Rossman, Kim Munson, AOUON Archives, and Intersection for the Arts

Battle Emblems

February 1 - March 25, 2006
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA