Curatorial Projects > The Prison Project (2008)

Lamaldita and Comparulos
You and Me (detail), 2008
Plaster, wood, paint, toilet top, vinyl, letters and performance

A project that compares a day in the life of two siblings - one who lives inside prison and one who lives outside of prison - through written correspondence and through architectural renderings of living space. Fabricating two full size walls upon which Lamaldita engraves a letter of her brother and writes a letter of herself, she inscribes descriptions of their daily existence - one from the SHU (security housing unit) at Corcoran State Prison, in a manner similar to carving hatch marks on the walls inside, and one from the Mission District in a careless freestyle. She also creates a to-scale blueprint on the gallery floor of both her own apartment bathroom and the prison cell that her brother is forced to call home, bringing attention to the physical confinement of imprisonment and what a free society takes for granted.

The Prison Project

February 20 - March 29, 2008
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA