Curatorial Projects > Chico & Chang (2011-2012)

Angelica Muro & Juan Luna-Avin
Untitled (Club Lido), 2011
Neon and mixed media hand-made book (ed. of 3)

Angelica Muro’s work addresses the different psychosocial codes of class and identity in California culture. Although San Jose, CA (where Muro is based) is home to a large Mexican and Vietnamese demographic, these two cultural groups rarely come together. Collaborating with artist Juan Luna-Avin, she proposes a narrative where these two cultures intersect in both a fictional space as well as a real location, an entertainment venue in downtown San Jose called Lido Night Club. The cultural balance at this venue teeters between a downstairs Mexican cantina and an upstairs Vietnamese dance club. Muro & Luna-Avin look at the cultural similarities of these two immigrant groups through the lens of this unique venue.

Chico & Chang

June 11 - August 20, 2011
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA