Curatorial Projects > In Other Words (2012)

Designed by Querido Galdo
What is ?, 2012
Mixed media

Influenced by Intersection’s relocation to the 5M Project, where we operate amongst a number of partner organizations and companies working in different fields – including filmmaking training, real estate development, social entrepreneurialism, and local manufacturing support – this exhibition explores a new chapter of Intersection’s history alongside broader themes of the impact and evolution of language in our lives.
This interactive crowdsourcing definition wall intends to help demystify the obscurity of terminology utilized within specific fields and industries, such as the arts, business, social service, finance, and manufacturing.

Visitors were invited to participate by answering the question posed above. New words, concepts, and phrases were changed weekly.

In Other Words

February 1 - March 24, 2012
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA

Photo credit: Scott Chernis