Curatorial Projects > (Im)materiel (2015)


A group exhibition featuring work by Bridget Batch, Chiraag Bhakta, Jennifer Brandon, Caroline Charuk, Randy Colosky, Marshall Elliott, Mayumi Hamanaka, Amy M. Ho, Kija Lucas, Victoria May, Elizabeth Moran, Tressa Pack, Vabianna Santos, Soyoung Shin, Chris Thorson, Allison Wiese, Michal Wisniowski, and Imin Yeh

January 18 - February 22, 2015
Headlands Center for the Arts
Sausalito, CA

What happens in the interstitial moments between checking our phones, running to another appointment, and managing the incessant chaos that contemporary life has become? Where do the opportunities that allow other experiences and perspectives to have impact on how we see and interact with the world exist? The line dividing the known/unknown, tangible/intangible, and terrestrial/extramundane becomes slippery when given different lenses to perceive our world. What humans are able to physically see, for instance, represents only a minute fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum. But given the proper means or equipment, such as infrared goggles or X-ray detectors, the invisible can become visible.

Materiel (from the French matériel) is a term used in English for equipment and military supplies. Although this exhibition does not allude directly to the military history of the Headlands, the works are situated as instruments that can enable a reconsideration of what might actually be seen and what might actually exist.