Curatorial Projects > Bring It Home: (Re)Locating Cultural Legacy Through the Body (2016)

Bring It Home: (Re)Locating Cultural Legacy Through the Body

A group exhibition featuring work by Zeina Barakeh, Jeremiah Barber, Vic De La Rosa, Guillermo Gómez-Peña, Dana Harel, Carolyn Janssen, Summer Mei Ling Lee, Ranu Mukherjee, Ramekon O’Arwisters, and Tsherin Sherpa.

Co-curated with Meg Shiffler, Director of the San Francisco Arts Commission Galleries

January 22 - May 7, 2016
San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery
San Francisco, CA

The human body is how we navigate through the world. It serves as both a fundamental vehicle of lived experience and a metaphor for the larger sociopolitical body that forms villages, communities, and countries. The artists in this exhibition tackle deeply personal relationships to cultural history and heritage by using and framing the body, and often their own body, as a site of inscription and fractured performance. Bring it Home centers on individual efforts to reconcile and bridge differences such as past and present, Eastern and Western, traditional customs and modern conventions, and the religious and secular. Artists representing the Bay Area’s multifarious artistic communities lay bare the perpetual search to syncretize the disparate parts of our collective histories, customs, and traditions in the 21st Century.