Curatorial Projects > Copycat (2019)

Charlene Tan
Researching and Remembering Inabel, Pink Tapioca, 2018
Tapioca, giclée print, wood, PVA glue

In her series Researching and Remembering, Charlene Tan reconnects with her grandmother and Filipina ancestry by incorporating traditional textile patterns from the Philippines into her work. In addition, Tan pays homage to traditional Filipino cooking, a factor she sees at the root of community, by choosing to use food that is key to Filipino cuisine as the primary medium in her work. Through the use of symbolic textile patterns from the Philippines derived from different indigenous groups, researched and studied both in person and online, Tan links these ancestrally significant designs and her own diasporic connection to her Filipina-American heritage.


September 21 – October 31, 2019
Fine Arts Gallery at San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA