Curatorial Projects > Copycat (2019)

Daren Wilson
Study Objects, 2018
Glazed ceramic

Center: After Wilson After Morandi, 2019
Oil on Masonite board

Work from students in SFSU’s Spring 2019 Language of Observational Painting classes taught by Libby Black and Pablo Cristi

First column (top to bottom): Olivia H., Athena Espona, Mellytta Herrera, Alma B., Teresa Hannigan, Vong Vang, Dominique Martinez

Second column (top to bottom): Cameron Scott Cairney, Daniel Arteaga, Jillian Larson, Caroline, Kristal Collins, Amiel Vengo, Esteban Baiz

Third column (top to bottom): Erin Walker, Nathalie O’Brien, Andrew Sanders, Leah Lozano, Tiantian Mao, Armondo Cedillos, Antonia Loeva Gueta

Fourth column (top to bottom): Mitchell Mau, Maggi Mattert, Ramil Geronimo, Diana Ma, Jasmine Aguirre, Palaree Thongkwan, Ruby Connelly Schneider

In an effort to teach himself to paint, sculptor Daren Wilson began repetitively repainting the still lifes of Italian painter Giorgio Morandi (1890–1964). To date, Wilson has recreated hundreds of replicas of these paintings, faithful to the way the paintings have been reproduced in books. In addition, he makes three-dimensional interpretations of the works in the original still life paintings, in ceramic. Wilson’s After Morandi paintings and Study Objects blur the definition of subject ownership as well as the lines between original to replica, and artist to apprentice.


September 21 – October 31, 2019
Fine Arts Gallery at San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA