Curatorial Projects > Copycat (2019)

Sean Peeler
Tintype Snapshot, wet plate collodion
Color abstract painting, acrylic on panel
Painted Polaroid, acrylic on Polaroid
Snapshot 1, silver gelatin print
Snapshot 2, cyanotype
Snapshot 3, inkjet print
Snapshot 4, inkjet 3-D print
Cyanotype contact sheet, cyanotype
Watercolor snapshot, watercolor and cyanotype Composited snapshots, inkjet print
Monochrome painting snapshot, acrylic on panel
Monochrome painting gallery visitor, oil on panel
Monochrome Polaroid gallery visitor, Polaroid
Silver leafed snapshot, silver leaf on silver gelatin print
Polaroid on location, Polaroid
Cake, 2019
All from the series A Snapshot Revisited, 2018 unless noted

The A Snapshot Revisited series demonstrates how one single image can be reconsidered through the many processes of photography. Layer after layer can be peeled away as the aesthetic of each individual format influences the way one sees the same image. Tintype, black and white, cyanotype, a painted Polaroid...each piece is an essential copycat of the other, collectively sharing the same image, but tells a different story.


September 21 – October 31, 2019
Fine Arts Gallery at San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA