Curatorial Projects > Copycat (2019)

Enrique Chagoya
Return to Goya’s Caprichos (detail), 1983-2016
Etching and aquatint; Revere ivory paper; red stamp remarque

Courtesy of the artist and Anglim/Trimble

Drawing inspiration from Spanish artist Francisco Goya’s set of 80 prints in aquatint and etching entitled Los Caprichos (1797-1798), Enrique Chagoya instills in his series an anti-authoritarian glee first expressed by Goya towards the power structures of 18th century Spain and redirects the focus of their satirical power to contemporary targets. Although born centuries apart, Chagoya expertly recreates the stylistic elements of Goya to explore how unresolved contemporary issues in the present have not changed from the past.


September 21 – October 31, 2019
Fine Arts Gallery at San Francisco State University
San Francisco, CA