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Upcoming project with The John Erickson Museum of Art

Drawing in progress (April 2012), penny placed for scale

The John Erickson Museum of Art (JEMA) is a location variable museum. It does not have a fixed address and is designed to be portable and movable. In a sense, all of its exhibitions are travelling exhibitions. As part of its Museum Stealth Initiative, JEMA frequently travels to venues that are architecturally larger in scale to gain a greater audience. JEMA embodies all of the trappings of a traditional arts institution, shrunk to one-quarter inch = one foot scale. The museum has a permanent collection, counts attendance, keeps miniature archives and files, and has its own tiny mailroom.

JEMA's size and portability make for radical experiments in art-making and viewing. As the museum's founder/Director/Curator Sean Miller states, "JEMA’s mission is to display and collect innovative and provocative contemporary art and/or offer exhibitions that allow people to think differently about the nature of art and art practice. JEMA’s design allows it to perform and embody numerous aspects of art and art practice in a simultaneous manner. JEMA is a museum, display case, crate, exhibition space, sculpture, photographic series, performance, installation, site-specific project, collaboration and web-based project."