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FAMILY, 2010
Video, written and produced by WeOwnTV

FAMILY is the second fiction short that was developed collectively by the group. The story was compiled from video diary entries about the war. Interestingly the story does not address the war itself, but deal with the separation and loss of family. The film begins as Khadi (Fatmata Mansaray) jumps out a window to flee an arranged marriage. Forced and early marriage is something many young girls in Sierra Leone have experienced, especially those orphaned by the war and living in polygamous homes without their biological mother. Many who wound up fleeing these situations ended up on the streets, surviving as prostitutes.

This version of the film opens with an interview with Fanta Jabbie and video diary entries from Fatmata Mansaray - the two women who's stories inspired this film.

Kadie - Fatmata Mansaray
Sahr - Mohammed Alie
Sexy ladies - Mariama Bah, Fanta Jabbi, Yealie & Kanku Thoronka
Dancers - Ibrahim Bangura, Sheku Sharif
Bartender - Abdulai Mbawa
Extras - Salamatu Sankoh, Laura Fatmatta Kanu, Tyson, Abu Zed Conteh, and Barmmy Boy

Director - Mohamed Tyson Conteh
Camera - Black Nature, Alex Reiser, Ibrahim Sorie Sesay, and Banker White
Sound - Alluspa King Jr, Sheku Sharif
Site manager - Ibrahim Bangura
Costume - Hannah Chimmi
Editor - Banker White