Curatorial Projects > Let's Talk of a System (2010)

YOUTH, 2010
Video, written and produced by WeOwnTV

YOUTH is the first of three short films — YOUTH, FAMILY and CHARITY — that were created via a collaborative group writing process. WeOwnTV students wrote and did pre-production, site scouting, costumes and production for all three of these short films. Each short narrative film is paired with video dairy and documentary work that Banker filmed while working with the group. Workshop participants shared video diary entries about memories from three different time periods: before the war, during the war, and present day. The writing process began by identifying thematic through-lines in these entries and developing selected stories through active discussion. YOUTH was created from diary entries the group shared from their childhood - the time before the war touched their lives.

Mom - Hannah Chimmy
Sorie - James Mansaray
Little brother - Man Pikin
Sister - Sina Kanu
Juman - Tyson Conteh
Juman 2 - Black Nature
Crazed Woman - Abu Zed Conteh

Director - Lansana Mansaray aka Barmmy Boy
Camera - Abdulai Mbawa, Alex Reiser, Sheku Sharif, and Banker White
Sound - Fanta Jabbi and Ibrahim Bangura
Costume - Yealie Thoronka and Laura Fatmatta Kanu
Editor - Banker White