Curatorial Projects > One Day: A Collective Narrative of Tehran (2009-10)

Neda Razavipour
Find The Lost One (video still), 2009

A split screen video installation shot at the entrance/exit to one of Tehran’s subway stations, where dozens of people are in motion coming and going from the mass transportation line. Both screens of the video look identical, except for a single person “erased” from one of the sides. The piece represents recent events in Tehran post-election, where citizens have been arrested and a number of instances where people have just “disappeared.”

"Two similar images, next to each other, with the exact similar film, but with just one people less in the right picture…it’s a play, trying to find the Lost one…in Tehran…but a cynic Play." – Neda Razavipour

One Day: A Collective Narrative of Tehran - A project organized by Taraneh Hemami & Ghazaleh Hedayat

November 4, 2009 - January 23, 2010
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA