Curatorial Projects > One Day: A Collective Narrative of Tehran (2009-10)

Abbas Kowsari
The time is 24:00. This is Tehran., 2009
C-print, triptych

"The time is 24:00. This is Tehran.  You are listening to us from...Tehran. Capital city of Iran. Polluted.  Crowded. Filthy. Expensive. Congested. Grand. A city that is not a city. It is a country. Without borders. With people who have gathered from everywhere. Who speak every language. We pass by each other everyday. Ignoring one another. Preoccupied with our own tasks. From a distance though we seem as one. On one path. On one road. Every way that we choose. There is a wall. Harsh walls of hard cement. Beyond the walls. There is a road. We must seek.  We must search.

The time is 23:00. This is Tehran. Do you hear our voice?" - Abbas Kowsari

One Day: A Collective Narrative of Tehran - A project organized by Taraneh Hemami & Ghazaleh Hedayat

November 4, 2009 - January 23, 2010
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA