Curatorial Projects > Blueprints (2005)

Geddes Ulinskas & Stephanie Wong
Un-City (Valencia & Union Street studies) (sculpture suspended from ceiling) (detail), 2005
Plexiglas, plastic

"Intersection's history as an alternative art space describes a journey of artists and collaborators seeking to break free of redundancy, routine and specialization. If intended by a collective conscious or if brought about by accident or coincidence, the work that has developed over the years at Intersection and its involvement in the communities that it has called home inspired us to document a new city for Intersection. The un-city is stripped of all the expected surfaces and facades that we have come to expect. Rather it is punctuated by landmarks familiar and imagined reflecting an intricate and creative path where art, music and language shape the common streetscape into a new reality.

The un-city is a rendering of Intersection's collective memory as an art center and breeding ground for emerging art forms. The un-city is in process. It is incomplete, yet is defined by voids. In the un-city, the actual sites for Intersection are not defined, for intersection itself is defined by the context of the neighborhood around it. The un-city is a portrait of a new landscape that can only describe Intersection and its achievements over the last forty years." - Geddes Ulinskas & Stephanie Wong


June 18 - July 30, 2005
Intersection for the Arts
San Francisco, CA

Photo credit: Scott Chernis