Curatorial Projects > Present Tense Biennial: Chinese Character (2009)

Fang Lu
Straight Outta HK, 2006
Video, total running time 1'48"

Camera: Paul Kyle, Mark Hellar
Music: Say Bok Gwai
Casting: Angelina Wang, Say Bok Gwai, Keldamuzik

Straight Outta H.K. is a music video of the same titled song from the San Francisco-based Chinese-American Canto-core rock band, Say Bok Gwai. The video scene is located in the Mission District of San Francisco and intersperses footage of both Say Bok Gwai's band members, a Chinese immigrant drinking bubble tea, and Oakland-based hyphy rapper, Keldamuzik, and her crew. The video mixes together different racial and culture roles, and have hip-hop singer Keldamuzik to learn and interpret Say Bok Gwai's cantonese song "Straight Outta HK." - Fang Lu

Present Tense Biennial: Chinese Character

May 1 - August 23, 2009
Chinese Culture Center
San Francisco, CA

Photo credit: Scott Chernis